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After-sales quality assurance

Welcome your company to choose the equipment produced by Yushi, and sincerely thank you for your consistent support to Haijilian Machinery and Equipment for many years. We have always been proud of the excellent quality of Haijilian Machinery's products. We guarantee that all Haijilian machinery and equipment are extremely durable under normal use. During the warranty period, if there is any damage to the product, the company will be responsible for purchasing the necessary remedial measures to safeguard the customer's rights and interests. We will ensure the quality of the equipment with advanced design and excellent materials to fully meet your company's requirements. We will provide complete equipment machinery, electrical schematics, electrical wiring diagrams and spare parts lists.
The quality guarantee period of the production line is one year. During the warranty period, we will be responsible for the free replacement of the problems caused by you. After the expiration of the warranty period, our company is responsible for lifetime maintenance. If you need to change parts, only the cost of the accessories will be charged.
Service Commitment: We promise to provide satisfactory service to your company in the shortest possible time.
Specific measures include:
1. Specialized after-sales service department and management personnel, a large number of spare parts storage;
2. Timed tour technical service of the company's senior after-sales service engineers;
3, a perfect after-sales service system, excellent product quality to ensure that customers buy the satisfaction, use with confidence.

Professional manufacturing, quality, and most reliable products!

Technical service commitment

GUANGZHOU HAIJILIAN PACKING EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. solemnly promises to customers who purchase our equipment as follows:
First, technical training:
The seller provides engineers with free services, such as equipment installation, commissioning, and emergency solutions. The seller shall train the buyer's technical engineers 1-3 with reference to the “Operating Instructions” and let them fully understand the common sense of equipment performance, precautions, maintenance and maintenance. The seller's engineer is provided by the buyer during the installation and commissioning of the buyer's factory.
Second, regular inspection:
The seller is responsible for the free service period of the machine. During this service period, the seller's technical department will review it according to the buyer's needs. And use feedback and feedback from the buyer.
Third, emergency repair:
The office is equipped with a full-time after-sales service engineer to ensure that the customer's requirements are met when the customer needs it: the head office dispatches the engineer to arrive at the buyer's factory (domestic) within 24 hours.
Fourth, spare parts, special supplies supply:
The seller ensures that the machine spare parts and special consumables are original authentic. Non-human damage and consumables, the seller promises to replace it free of charge during the next year's warranty period. Man-made damaged parts, wearing parts and special consumables are also supplied at a cost price in the next year's warranty period.





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